Client Testimonials

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I felt myself getting bored with my gym routines and my progress had plateaued. The first thing I noticed when starting the ArawFit guides was the variety in the workout. I was actually excited to go to the gym again. Not only do the plans offer the variety I love, but they are a great mix of plyos, abs, and lifting! The progress I’ve seen so far has been amazing! I’ve never felt so confident and happy. Thanks Ally!
— Amy, 3 month client.
It’s been one year now that I have been ARAW Fit and let me tell you..... I am so pleased with my results. My body has had a complete over haul. I have put in the work and ARAW fit has given me the tools. Allyson is amazing, her ability to think outside the box is incredible. She has provided ever changing workouts on a daily (I workout six days a week). I was getting bored and had no results with my workouts until I started ARAW fit. Almost everyday there is new move we are trying. Starting these guides was the best choice I ever made for myself. I have definition in my muscles that I never had before and I feel absolutely fabulous. I am pushed to my limits and challenging myself everyday. She has encouraged me to eat better and has shown me ways to make eating healthy delicious. The ARAW fit plans are affordable and 100% worth it! I highly recommend ARAW fit for your everyday fitness guide.
— Nicole Stephens, 12 month client
I have been working with Ally for 12 months now. The results of this are deeper than just the change to my physical appearance. I am not a stranger to exercise, but my time with Ally has developed into a habit. A good habit but not an unbreakable one, which is why SHE is so important. Having a trainer is an excellent way to make ones self accountable. In addition to the accountability, when i work out i feel so much better about myself physically and mentally and Ally makes working out rewarding. I have learned to do exercises on machines i would have never thought could be used for that. She keeps the workouts fresh( which i find amazing) and she modifies them for me when I travel so I can workout even if i can’t get to a gym. She listens but doesn’t let me complain or make excuses and she takes into account my age and ability. When she corrects my form she does it kindly and never makes me feel incapable. She never lets me get complacent with any exercise or routine. She teaches and encourages. These are just a few reasons why I find her and her services valuable.
— Beth, 12 month client.
I have always been athletic and into sports, but I never actually worked out until my second year playing college basketball. Even then my workouts were very limited and mundane. I had no muscle tone to my body and I ate whatever the hell I wanted. Eventually, I taught myself how to train and eat clean and it made an incredible difference in my body. I picked up on how my body reacted to different training methods and eating habits, and ran with it. I found my passion developing my body and being the best version of myself I could be. I was never impressed with my body when I was younger always wanting something different. That all changed when i realized how much our bodies change and develop through working out and actually finding what works for you specifically. We all have different needs and goals and I have finally found a program, designed by myself, and for myself, that makes my goals attainable. I now understand that my body isn’t going to be in tip top shape every single day and I have accepted it. Yes, I still have goals and things I’d like to change. But I know that progress each day and working towards my “goal” is rewarding in itself. I created my own program that has changed myself physically, mentally, and emotionally, and I am very satisfied with the hard work I have put in over the years.

Jenny, 4 week client progress