Why your Workout & Fitness Struggle is Real! 6 STEPS to breakthrough the slump.

Hey guys, 

Welcome back. So today I will be writing about why you are struggling to... basically "get your shit together", when it comes to working out at all or even just once. We all notice the amount of people who show up to the gym or start posting "map my runs" two weeks before summer. Or the people who have been "starting on monday for a year and a half. That is all fine and good if you plan on staying at it. This post is not to knock those people at all. It is simply about getting yourself in a rhythm and sticking with it for more than a few weeks. Long term GOALS! 

Step One: Give up your excuses. Seriously, get rid of them. They are lame and you are lying to yourself if you really think 30-60 minutes of your day to BETTER your body isn't doable. Be stronger than your strongest excuse.

Step Two: Make a schedule. Put together a quick little calendar of days and times that you can dedicate to a quick workout, or even just a light jog. You can do it, I promise. HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE!

Step Three: Progress not perfection! Nobody is going to get ripped abs, a perfect butt, or toned arms overnight. It may not even happen for weeks, but you will get better every single time you work on yourself. Don't get discouraged with yourself. Everyone has different progress and comparing yourself to someone else is going to do nothing but hurt you mentally. If you find yourself frustrated with your progress, Work harder.

Step Four: Change up your routine daily to prevent boredom. Use different training techniques and methods. Workout in different locations! Try an outdoor workout or some type of class.

Step Five: Find your motivation! Believe it or not, nobody can give that to you. It is already within you, so dig deep and find your reasons Why! Write them down and read them every morning. It's time to stop saying you should and waiting for things to happen for you. Go actually DO it. Get to work!

Step Six: Clean up your diet! This is always the hardest part for most. It really doesn't have to be. Once you commit to eating clean 75-80% of the time you will see how much it changes your body AND life. I am all about eating what you want in moderation, but cut out that shitty fake food people. You got this!

Thanks for reading. I apologize for any potty mouth or harsh words, but sometimes we all need a swift kick in the butt! comment your thoughts.




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