The Method to my Madness


My name is Allyson Roberts, your new fitness coach.  I am here for you whether you struggle with the motivation to get back into the swing of the gym life, or you need that drive to gain more muscle/lose unwanted excess weight. My goal is to help you succeed in all aspects of your fitness journey. Together we will push ourselves to new levels and become limitless in development of a healthy body. Your body and mind will be consistently challenged in a progressive and positive way with Arawfit. It is my mission to coach you every step of the way. The programs will drive you through fitness barriers to unveil the warrior that you’ve always had in you.

Self- love mantra

 I am sure you’ve all heard “we are our own worst critic.” One hundred percent true in my opinion. I am extremely hard on myself and my body. It is a daily struggle for many of us to become acceptable to an ever-changing body. Why are we so negative about something so positively amazing? The human body can endure the most outstanding things and we need to understand that. Negative body image only brings a negative and stressful state of mind. It is time to fuel our mind and body with positivity and motivation so that we can ultimately succeed. I will help you find a healthy balanced lifestyle mentally and physically while we crush these programs.

Nulli Secundas, Second to None. the motto!

No, second to none is not meant to sound conceited or egotistical. I am not claiming that “I am the best.” The way I portray Nulli Secundas, is putting yourself first. Your mental health and fitness has to become number one in order to change. At the end of each day all we have is how we lived that day. Did you challenge yourself, did you embrace and accept change? Or did you sit stagnant just wishing something would happen for you. I will tell you that no matter how long you sit at that bus stop it will not come, and time stops for no one. It is time to put yourself second to none and start to live each day breaking limits, being the best we can be, and climbing to the top of our full abilities. You deserve to make this change for yourself. Let’s do this!